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My Spirit


Podcast with Heidi Steffens

My entire life I've been able to see and communicate with the dead. Through years of self-study and formal education, I have spent decades working with clients in the areas of intuition, energy sensitivities, the paranormal, and beings who interact with us from other dimensions. I run a paranormal research group, own a spiritual consulting and healing business, and travel the country investigating the paranormal. All of these avenues allow me to help people who are threatened by paranormal activity, dealing with a challenging spiritual path, or those who just want to educate themselves in this field. The information is a combination of my own personal experiences and those of the thousands of people I have worked with over the years. This is My Spirit Experience.

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Heidi Steffens Bio

Heidi is the owner of My Spirit Experience in Minneapolis, MN. She is a Master Reiki Instructor, Ordained Shamanic Minister and a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. She is the organizer of MPRS – Minnesota Paranormal Research Society, a member of SquatchHers (female-led Bigfoot research group and co-hosts The Gathering which is a weekly paranormal radio show on (Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern time/8pm Central time)

She holds a Bachelor of Elemental Studies and Master of Shamanic Intuitional Practices through Venus Rising University. She is focused on helping people navigate their healing and soul-purpose paths in this world as well as working with lost or unwelcome spirits as the lines between planes and dimensions become more and more intertwined



“Great job! Love listening to you talk about all things. I sometimes respond, forgetting it's a podcast." -Katherine

"I'm really loving your podcast. Hearing your stories and process really validates my own experience." -Sierra

"This was so great! You are so well spoken! So informative and reaffirming of the transition phase, this is so interesting to me and I've been thinking about it a lot lately." -Amy


"Listening now! Good stuff, Heidi!" -Karin

"Heidi, this is so great! I am enjoying listening to your stories. Thank you for putting this together. And the music is perfect!" -Nicole

"What a way to expand and level up. Your light shines so bright through this podcast, Heidi. Can't wait to listen to more." -Brayden



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